Meditation Mandala Color Therapy and Kaleidoscope Futuristic Art

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Meditation Mandala Color Therapy and Kaleidoscope Futuristic Art

What is a Mandala?

Mandalas are traditionally used in many Eastern spiritual traditions as a means of meditation. In Western culture, psychiatrists often use mandalas as a form of stress relief, as a tool for art therapy, and as a meditative exercise.

This form of art therapy has become popular with both adults and children as it is a relaxing exercise that can distract you from other things.

Studies have shown that geometric circles known as mandalas can be particularly advantageous compared to other types of drawings.

In Sanskrit, the word mandala means “circle”. Circles are a strong symbol in any culture. We see them in atriums, prayer mills and other religious symbols, as well as in architecture and nature.

Mandalas As Art Therapy

Mandalas can also be used as a cure for meditation. It has been shown that meditation itself reduces stress, fights depression, relieves pain and lowers blood pressure.

It can also strengthen the immune system and stimulate the release of melatonin, a hormone believed to slow cell aging and promote sleep. While it is unclear what influence visual mandalas can have, people may find that they are a useful tool for their meditative practice.

Principles of Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a natural, powerful and non-invasive healing system that uses the therapeutic energy of the seven colors of the light spectrum (rainbow colors). It is a complementary therapy with a history that goes back to ancient Egypt, China and India.

It is now successfully used to treat diseases and disorders, to relieve physical ailments and pain, to treat mental and emotional conditions, or simply to prevent illnesses and maintain good health.

The basic principle of Chromotherapy is that every cell and organ in the body vibrates at a certain frequency, as well as colors. A color therapist therefore exposes light and color to body parts, chakra points or injury points to bring about physical and emotional changes.

The therapeutic energy of the colors can be absorbed by the skin, the body, the vision and the visualization / by the mind. The properties and qualities of each color cause an energy shift. This contributes to the restoration of the body’s health and therefore changes our imbalance state.

Rainbow Colors The Therapist can use various methods, including:

  • The use of spectral lamps, silk, solar water and crystals
  • Techniques in color breathing, meditation and affirmations
  • Encouragement to certain colors for diet, clothing and décor

Chromotherapy is intended to stimulate our own healing process and acts as a catalyst for regeneration and to rebalance the functioning of the body.

Since the healing of chromotherapy works with energy, it can move and rebalance blocked energy and restore the delicate balance of electromagnetic vibrational colors in the body.

If we suffer from a disease or disorder or simply feel “discolored,” this suggests that parts of our body do not function at the right frequency. This means that a chakra is unbalanced or has been blocked. An unhealthy body eproduces a distorted and disturbed vibration pattern, indicating a state of energy imbalance.

We need a balance of energy from the seven spectral colors so that the color vibrations can nourish the physical cells and organs and affect our emotional, mental and nervous activity as well as our spiritual well-being.

Colours influence our moods. Some will be uplifting and inspiring, while others will be depressing. Our feelings and emotions are directly influenced by the balance or imbalance of hormones in our body.

Benefits Of Chromotherapy

  • Safe and painless
  • Can be used for adults, seniors, children and babies
  • Treat the symptoms and the root cause of a disease
  • Treats the non-physical causes and physical symptoms of a disease
  • Provides a catalyst for the body’s natural healing process
  • Helps with self-healing and ensures that the healing energies function properly by themselves
  • Deletes emotional blockages before causing physical illness in the body

Balancing the Chakra with Colors

  • Balances energy and restores vitality
  • Useful for relaxation and meditation
  • Helps with awareness, inspiration and protection
  • It has a profound effect on the individual at all levels. physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Helps you understand that you need certain colors
  • Can be incredibly insightful and transformative

It has been shown that light (or lack of light) can affect the hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, and then on our mental and physical health.

Chromotherapy is now widely used worldwide as a complementary treatment, and few doctors deny that light affects us and that color has a very specific impact on mood, behavior and overall well-being.

Here are Meanings of Colors

Brown – is the color for earth, repentance, loneliness, honesty and straightforwardness. It is the color of the desert. Brown and red, which have the densest frequencies, are related to the root chakra.

Red is the colour of passion, emotion, vitality and action. It is often associated with love. In China and Russia, it is considered a lucky color. Red also expresses life, courage, hope, generosity and steadfastness. It is the color of the conductor and the controller. It is known to represent fire and is associated with the root or base chakra or the seat of the Kundalini Fire (or snake). The sound that activates this color and chakra is (O).

Orange is the color for feeling, emotion, affection, intelligence and sharing. It has the vitality of red and the intellect of yellow. It also shows exuberance, ingenuity, vibrancy, generosity, kindness and conviviality. In Japan and China, orange is the color for love. Orange is associated with the abdominal chakra, which is the center for unconscious emotions. The sound that activates this color and chakra is (EH).

Yellow is the color for the spirit and thus the color of the thinker and philosopher. It is the color for happiness, intelligence, spiritual progress, faith, perseverance, fame, abundance and prosperity. It is connected to the navel or solar plexus chakra, which is supported by the sound (HARA).

Green is for life, resurrection, fullness, love, joy and healing. It shows energy, growth, inexperience, fertility, hope and new life. Green cools, calms down, calms and is connected to the heart chakra. The sound that activates the chakra is (AH).

Blue is the color of heaven, hope, piety, chastity, loyalty, and fidelity. It is the color for truth, devotion, calm and sincerity. It is also the color for meditation and spiritual expansion. Blue relaxes the mind and controls the neck chakra, the creative expression center. The sound that activates the color and the chakra is (HU).

Indigo is the color for royalties, justice, moderation, psychic and creative work, majesty and spirituality. Indigo controls the psychic currents of the subtle bodies. It rules the chakra in the middle of the forehead, which is called the Third Eye.

Violet – is the color of the saint. It shows support, loyalty and loving devotion. Violet is an inspiring, healing and spiritual color. Violet is the ruler of the crown chakra. The sound that activates this color and chakra is (MMM).

White – is the presence of all colors. It means purity and goodness.

Black is the absence of all colors. Black crystals best protect against evil, fear, superstition, and destruction.

Some people are “attracted” by one or two specific colors. They tend to surround themselves frequently with this color, either in their home environment, in their work area, or with the clothes they want to wear. These colors can represent certain characteristics of one’s own personality, the ideals they represent, or the symbolism with which they resonate.

Preparation for Meditation Mandala Chromotherapy
  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.
  • Start breathing slowly and rhythmically.
  • Visualize golden light either in front of you or above your head. When breathing, draw the light into your body or imagine how your body moves into the light, whichever is easier.
  • Feel the light as it permeates your entire being. Feel how its energy cleanses, straightens and unlocks each limb, every organ. Feel how it resolves obstacles as it moves through you.
  • Practice this until you become familiar with it.
  • Repeat the exercise and use the colors of the rainbow. You can assign the colors to the chakras. You can also link the colors to how they feel to you. In general, it is helpful to visualize the colors in the order of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
  • When you’re done, imagine a bright white fountain of light flowing over and through you with gold, or surrounding you in an oval that stretches over your head and under your feet.